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AICOG 2024 Chairperson, Speaker Guidelines


The role of the chairperson or moderator is as follows:

  • Moderate live Q&A with the audience after all the speakers have delivered their presentations.
  • Provide final remarks to close the session.
  • Keep an eye on the time to ensure that the allocated time for the session does not overrun.
  • Timekeeping is very important, please ensure that it is followed strictly there will be a timer, each speaker has enough time for their presentation and the audience has some time to ask questions at the end of the session.
❖ Each speaker's introduction should be very brief.
  • ❖ For audience Q&A, please invite speakers to sit on stage. Roving microphones will be circulated in the room for questions.
  • If the speaker time exceeds the interaction, it can be cut short to maintain session time.
  • ❖ Full session details can be found on the AV Console.
Note:Please do remember that you are the key to the success and smooth conduct of the scientific session.


  • ❖ Each session room will be equipped with a PC laptop, which is connected to the preview room, and which will be used to project all presentation slides, Eposters, oral presentations, and Videos.
  • ❖ The first slide of your presentation will be your CV with a photo.
  • Using personal laptops, USB flash drives, or other external hard drives in the session rooms is not allowed. Presentations can only be uploaded in the preview room.
  • ❖ All speakers are invited to the preview room to upload and test their presentation slides, and videos preferably one day before their session, but at least two hours before their session start time. Technicians will not be able to load materials after this time.
  • ❖ Plan to arrive in your session room at least 30 minutes before the session start time. Session rooms can be found on the Congress mobile app and venue signage. Preview Room: The preview room will be provided for all presenters to use. Its location is right in the main area of the conference venue. In the preview room, you can review your presentation only on a computer/laptop which would be available in the preview room. No personal laptop will be used to preview the presentation. Professional audiovisual consultants will be available for assistance. Computers in the preview room will be configured with hardware and software.
Hours of operation of preview room are as follows:
S. No Date Time Venue
1 6th January 2024 7:00 - 18:00 Hrs HICC, Second level, MR 2.06
2 7th January 2024 7:00 - 18:00 Hrs HICC, Second level, MR 2.06
3 8th January 2024 7:00 - 18:00 Hrs HICC, Second level, MR 2.06
4 9th January 2024 7:00 - 18:00 Hrs HICC, Second level, MR 2.06
5 10th January 2024 7:00 - 18:00 Hrs HICC, Second level, MR 2.06


  • ❖ All speakers must register for the Congress. We will send the registration link along with your Involvement letter.
  • ❖ Once you have completed your registration, you will receive a confirmation number and personalized bar code to print your badge at the onsite registration area. Staff will be available on-site if you need assistance.
  • ❖ The registration area is open from 07:30 AM IST on 6th January 2024.
  • ❖ AICOG 2024 is an in-person event. Speakers cannot present virtually.


  • ❖ According to Indian law, speakers must sign a hard copy of the speaker consent form which we will send along with your involvement letter.
  • ❖ Each speaker can access and modify their presentation but will not have access to other speakers’ presentations outside of your sessions on-site.


  • ❖ If you are using slides for your presentation, please prepare your presentation slides using the AICOG 2024 presentation slide template which will be shared with you via mail
  • Logos of any for profit organizations are not permitted.

  • ❖ All presentation slides should be in PowerPoint format and PC compatible.
  • ❖ The projection format will be 16:9. Please use this format when creating your slide deck.
  • ❖ PowerPoint 2016 and previous versions are accepted.
  • ❖ If you are adding media elements to your presentation slide deck, please note the following:
    • o Use the ‘Insert’ function to integrate media elements, such as images and videos.
    • o Limit the size of your videos and sound to 1GB and use formats such as .mp4 and. wmvif possible.
    • o If your video files come from medical equipment, make sure you do not need special proprietary software to play it on a PC.
  • ❖ If you work on a Mac, choose Microsoft Windows-compatible fonts.
  • ❖ Save and name your file as your name Presentation title with a .pptx extension for better compatibility.
  • ❖ Once you are at the lectern, simply click on your presentation slides on the laptop provided to launch your presentation, then use the slide clicker or the arrows on the keyboard to advance your slides and/or video. At the end of your presentation click ‘Escape’ on the keyboard to go back to the main menu.
  • ❖ The use of personal laptops, USB flash drives, or other external hard drives in the session rooms is not allowed.
  • ❖ Please bring a copy of your PPT presentation on a USB stick, or other external hard drive, to the on-site preview room the day before, or at least 2 hours before, your session start time.
  • ❖ Please come to the on-site preview room at least 2 hours before, your session starts time to test your PPT presentation.


  • ❖ If you are presenting a pre-recorded video as part of the surgical video classroom, prepare it as follows:
  • ❖ Acceptable file types include AVI, MOV, MPEG, and MP4.
  • ❖ Videos must be of good visual quality. Videos should not be lower than 1280 x 720 resolution and should be submitted in a 16:9 aspect ratio.
  • ❖ Please test the audio on videos before submission to ensure clarity.
  • ❖ All references to patient identity must be removed unless you have received formal consent from the patient which must be declared at the start of the video.
  • ❖ Logos of any for-profit organizations are not permitted.