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Date: 06th January 2024 | Venue: HICC & HITEX, Hyderabad, India

  • To learn correct technique of instrumental delivery
  • Dealing with tricky situations in labour ward
  • When not to do caesarean section!
  • Delivering breech vaginally
  • WHO labour care guide and Documentation in labour
  • Obstetric medicine deals with medical disorders in pregnancy
  • It helps illuminate the essential connection between maternal and fetal health and fetal wellbeing.
  • These include pre-existing medical problems, and disorders unique to pregnancy such as preeclampsia, acute fatty liver, several dermatologic afflictions, and gestational diabetes.
  • The management involves multidisciplinary teamwork and is challenging for all involved.
  • Often, in these disorders, the obstetric outcome is bleak, and here comes the role of combined counseling with all specialties.
  • The premise of obstetric medicine involves care during the pre-pregnancy period to optimize women’s health, and care during pregnancy and during the postpartum period.
  • We aim to bring forth current challenges in managing these conditions based on evidence and guidelines.

"Prevention is always better than cure" To place a strong emphasis on this statement

  • Latest updates on cancer cervix in detail especially colposcopy and vaccine
  • Special discipline on Gynaec oncology that focuses on key measures that can prevent cancer development or delay the progression of the malignant process
  • Live demonstrations, drills on mannequins and tissue to give good learning experience
  • To throw light on vulva and vaginal cancer
  • Provide a neutral space where multiple perspectives could be integrated.
  • MAS with its advances in technology is a highly acclaimed surgicalmodality
  • AICOG2024 is providing an opportunity to all the gynecologies to observe, learn, and relearn thenuances of gynae endoscopy from the stalwarts
  • The newer surgical techniques and technology in doing gynae pelvic surgeries
  • Tips & tricks in retroperitoneal dissection
  • Laparoscopic pelvic floor repair for stress incontinence, cystocele, rectocele etc.
  • Minimizing blood loss while tackling large fibroids and large uterus
Do come, join us and improve your surgical skills.
  • Postgraduates& young gynecologists (< 10 years in practice) can go back and do diagnostic and basic operative hysteroscopy.
  • Learn the tips and tricks of treating simple uterine pathologies(polyp, retained products of conception, submucous fibroids < 2 cm, etc.) in hysteroscopy.
  • Watch the experts and learn from live operative surgeries
  • For advanced Hysteroscopists, this is a platform to sharpen their skills - learn the latest technology, meet other experts from around the world, learn correlation of ultrasound with hysteroscopy in mullerian anomalies and many more.

This workshop on fertility gives the opportunity to understand fertility practice frombasics to newer advances.

  • This workshop will help to understand various algorithms to ease fertility practice.
  • New horizons in the field of ultrasound related to fertility will beexplained in detail.
  • With the increase in male fertility, it becomes very important to effectively treatmale patients. The best practice guidelines will be explained.
  • ART Law for safe clinical practice will be discussed.
  • Aims to update participants on the latest guidelines, techniques, and skills to optimize fertility outcomes.

Sexual Health and Reproductive Rights SRHR are the cornerstone for the realisation of women'seconomic,social and human rights.

Recently we have seen a rollback on SRHR due to COVID-19 and anti-women legislationlike Roe vs Wade.

Sexual and Reproductive Health and Human rights workshop focuses on these pivotal issues.

By attending this Workshop delegates will learn about

  • SRHR rights,health, and barriers
  • LGBTQ+ health and rights
  • Comprehensive sexual education
  • How to be a non-judgemental Gynecologist

Through debates,dialogues,panels and interactive sessions

  • Regenerative and aesthetic gynaecology is a new emerging branch.
  • This workshop will introduce you to all the various techniques available for enhancement of aesthetic appearance and restoring sexual functions.
  • Laser treatments and it’s role in stress incontinence also will be highlighted.
  • The workshop will also cover areas such as PRP preparations and stem cell preparation and it’s role in regenerative gynaecology.
  • There will be also live demonstrations of various procedures

Understanding fetal issues is now vital for contemporary Obstetricians - this workshop empowers you with relevant updates.

  • Practical - “to-do” points in everyday cases for all practitioners
  • The “WHAT” “WHY”and “HOW” of cervical assessment and Colour Doppler imaging through interesting video demonstration by experts
  • “Point-counterpoint” sessions on contemporary clinically challenging situations
  • Each session is “case-based” with ample time for audience interaction and feedback
  • Tips and Tricks of acquiring the best information of a basic pelvic scan during the life course
  • Listen and watch the National and International experts demonstrate the benign pathologies of the uterus, ovary and pelvis
  • Understand the use of ultrasound in diagnosing mullein abnormalities
  • Be confident in diagnosing fibroid versus adenomyosis: Map the lesion
  • Hands on training on mannequins and simulators
  • Half day live, action packed workshop on 6th January, 8 am - 1 pm
  • A variety of cases from simple vaginal hysterectomy to NDVH, previous LSCS, native tissue repair, vault prolapse prevention and management.
  • TOT & TVT
  • Expert points on challenging situations while operating, learn the tips and tricks of vaginal surgery from stalwarts.
  • Interactive video based sessions on scar ectopics, cervical myomectomy &isthmocele repair.

In the current era of medicolegal issues, it becomes very important to avoidunnecessary surgical procedures.

Target Audience of workshop:

All practicing Gynaecologists who want to learn ways to preserve the uterus in variousscenarios.

  • Learn from the experts the various ways to preserve the uterus with case based discussions.
  • Live audience interaction to discuss andclear practical queries.
  • See and learn the tips and tricks on how to handle difficult myomectomies.
  • Become confident in handling cases of AUB, Fibroid, Ademoyosis,Pre- malignant lesions of cervix,chronic pelvic pain, POP non surgically.
  • Fast growing field in minimal access Gynecological surgery.
  • Learn precision surgery with robotic platform
  • Workshop will focus on the advantages of robotic over conventional laparoscopy.
  • Watch procedures like hysterectomy, myomectomy, and endometriosis excision surgery.
  • Interact with international and national faculty of starting a sustainable robotic program at your institution
  • Enhancing health care professional skills in recognizing and managing -sepsis, Placenta accreta,PPH, and maternal collapse.
  • These are the commonest causes of life threatening emergencies and important causes of maternal mortality and morbidity
  • The workshop aims to update participants on the latest guidelines and techniques, improving communication and team work in emergency situations
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